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Where Does Your Travel Agent Travel?

Written by Denise Kramer


eclipse image

We spend our days helping others dream up and plan their perfect vacation, and the question our clients often ask - “Where is your next trip?”

Denise doing her thing
I’ve just booked our flights to Singapore for an awesome cruise next March to see the Total Eclipse of the Sun in Indonesia. This will be the 12th time I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the perfect location to experience one of the world’s most unique astronomical events.

Why cruise for this amazing event?   Being on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to nearly ensure a clear view of the Moon making its way between the Earth and the Sun as such a rare event occurs most often over water. Holland America Line is committed to sailing us to a perfect location within the eclipse path to view the magnificent sight on March 9, 2016 in the Makasar Strait, and they are very experienced at positioning their ships for maximum viewing of the total solar eclipse.


BW Eclipse

Indonesian Explorer itin
I am very excited that the cruise itinerary includes ports of call in Jakarta, Sulawesi & Bali, as well as the most exotic Komodo Island.   In fact, this will be a return trip to Indonesia for me as this is where I saw my very first Total Solar Eclipse in 1983. I am really looking forward to seeing how things have changed in 30 plus years!


Group watching eclipse
My family and I with a small group of friends would love to share this adventure on this fabulous total solar eclipse cruise with you. As this is sure to be a great time, I have group space held on this sailing, just waiting for you! Check out the details here, and then contact me to get your reservations made!Chaser shirt