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What Type Of Vacations Are There?

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The type of vacation you want to take is as unique as you are. 


Easter IslandWhen looking at a land vacation, the first thing you should figure out is what kind of travel you want to do – adventure, relaxing, educational, or something specialized like a culinary tour?  Do you want to travel with a group or have a family vacation or reunion?  Would you like to have a guided tour with a set itinerary or do you want to choose day to day what you are going to do?

Sydney Opera House

Once you decide where you want to go, you have to decide HOW you want to go.  A vacation “package” is a term that covers anything included with your vacation.  It could be simply your flights, hotel and rental car or transportation.  Some may include meals or tickets to theme parks, attractions or theater shows. There are all-inclusive options that will include all your meals and beverages.  A vacation package can be something that is prearranged by a tour company, or can be put together to make your own individual package.

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Do you want to arrive at a resort and enjoy activities and meals on your time?  Do you want a guided tour with a pre-arranged schedule to allow you to see the sights? A guided tour provides you with an on-site knowledgeable guide that takes care of logistics, provides local insight and information and can help you with questions or suggestions on places to not miss.  Guided groups can be large or small, include personal drivers or travel by motorcoach, they may also include admission to different sightseeing venues and some meals. 

A land vacation gives you the most flexibility of vacation types.  Dates, length and locations are all up to you!  Your Creative Vacations Travel Consultant will get to know you and find out what type of vacation you are looking for, then present you with options to find the right travel fit.  All you have to do it pack your bags and go!

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