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Top Travel Bucket List Destinations

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Everyone has that place.  The destination that they dream to fly away to.  The land they want to explore and take in.  We at Creative Vacations are no different!  Here is a list of our Travel Consultant’s top Bucket List Travel Destinations.


AustraliaSydney Opera House – In every part of Australia you’ll find unique experiences to make your dream vacation come true. Australia is filled with fresh flavors, welcoming people and open spaces. It is a land full of stunning natural wonders and some of the friendliest wildlife on the planet. Whether it’s the remoteness of the outback, the pristine waters of the beaches, the world-class dining or the amazing wildlife, it won’t take long for you to realize there’s nothing like Australia.


CubaCuba – Although only 90 miles separate U.S. soil from Cuba, the two nations are as distinct as a thumbprint. Cuba is enigmatic, eccentric and exciting—a time-warp land of socialism and sensuality that mingles sizzling salsa rhythms with revolutionary calls to sacrifice.



IrelandIreland – Whether you follow in the footsteps of giants on the Causeway Coast, savor the rich tapestry of food and drink in Cork, stand in awe at the view from the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, or go in search of some traditional music sessions in Galway, one thing is for sure, here begins the vacation of a lifetime!


ItalyItaly – Land of la dolce vita (the sweet life), Italy is one of the world's best-loved destinations, and no wonder—two-thirds of the world's historical artistic heritage is there. Tuscany alone possesses more artistic treasures than the whole of Spain, which is the second country in the world for cultural heritage.



New ZealandNew Zealand – Comparable in size and/or shape to Great Britain, Colorado or Japan, New Zealand has a population of only 4 million - making it one of the world's least crowded countries. It is a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation and relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. A temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation makes it an ideal year-round holiday destination.


NorwayNorway – Norway is Europe's great parkland: a dramatic mix of mountains, seas, forests and fjords. While the country has tidy cities, historic buildings and distinctive artists, nature is clearly its prime attraction. 



RussiaRussian Buildings – Russia is a country of contrasts—a vast territory rich in natural resources, where some are incredibly rich and millions of others live below the poverty line. That said, a rising urban middle class is steadily changing the makeup of post-Soviet Russia. When asked what they want for the future, many Russians speak of "having an easier life and being able to buy good things."



South AfricaElephants on African Safari – South Africa is an incredible destination in so many ways - it is the kind of destination that will touch all of your senses in a myriad of ways, and once all is said and done you probably won't be the same again. The incredible diversity is a key attraction - from the deserts of the Kgalagadi to the lush green forests of Tsitsikamma to the unspoiled beaches of the Wild Coast to the vibrant nightlife of Cape Town – they really do have it all.



River cruise

River Cruising – Looking for something that lets you go by land and water?  River cruising is the answer!  When you are on the river, you travel to the very heart of a region.  You will see cityscapes and countrysides that will take your breath away.  You will experince ew places, fascinating history and local traditions.  You will indulge in gourmet meals and luxurious accomodations.  And that is just the beginning.



What?  You don’t have a travel bucket list yet? 


Search our destination guide and let us help get your list started!